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30 Years on - EEA CQU Award 2017

In an interview with the Morning Bulletin our very own Miss Alenna Frost gave some insights into how she felt about being the recipient of the 2017 EEA CQU Award.

"It's definitely an achievement, I didn't expect it at all but I'm very grateful". When asked what she enjoyed about accounting she said "Accounting isn't all about numbers, its about people and how you can help them. There's a lot of area for interpretation, which I love and I also love the people side of accounting, almost more than the numbers. After all we are in the people business."

The annual Evans Edwards and Associates prize, which has been running since 1986, was awarded to the university student with the highest grade point average across three pre-determined accounting subjects. We're very proud of Alenna and her achievements and are excited to see what the future will bring. It's great to support CQU and our local students. Principal Marni McGrath presented this years Award.

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