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AICD - Central Queensland Directors' Briefing: The importance of good governance for SMEs

Many SME owners may think that good corporate governance only applies to those organisations situated at the ‘top end of town’ and that it is not as important or relevant to their small to medium businesses.

Join us at our Directors’ Briefing to learn why applying good corporate governance principles has benefits for every organisation regardless of the size, industry or structure.

Our expert panel will discuss the importance of good corporate governance for SMEs including:

  • The duties and responsibilities of the SME director and business owner

  • The relevance of corporate governance principles for SME business success

  • How businesses can establish a strategic framework to ensure long term continuity and success

  • How good corporate governance can result in good corporate culture and enhance your business’ reputation

This event also provides a great opportunity to network with your peers with drinks and canapes served after the discussion.

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