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Getting your investment property rent-ready

When you’re looking at properties, it’s hard not to pick features you love - a great view, beautiful leafy garden and pool, moments from the beach - but purchasing an investment property is very different from purchasing your own home. You have to leave the ‘dream home’ thinking behind and start thinking in numbers, probabilities and what renters prefer. It’s all about maximising your

‘R-ROI’ (Rental Return On Investment).

R–ROI is about making sure you minimise costs going out and maximise rent coming in. It comes down to a number of factors. Finding a great property at a good price in an area with strong rental demand is an essential start. But being a landlord and successful investor is about far more than that. You can’t just lie back in the hammock and watch the cash come in. In this article you’ll find a host of tips to make your property the renters’ dream home, to help you maximise your rental returns at every turn.

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