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What happens if you need to become a carer?

You’ve made plans, set a budget and financial goals; you’re ready for anything, right? But what happens if a loved one is in an accident or your ageing parent starts needing dedicated care? How do you juggle career and the role of carer?

Registered Nurse, Rachel James, had packed her bags and was five days away from a big new move to Singapore when she got the call; her 22-year-old daughter, Emily, had suffered a fall while snowboarding in America, breaking her neck and rendering her quadriplegic. In an instant, their worlds turned upside down.

Rachel’s first reaction was one of shock and disbelief. “There’s sadness and a degree of panic about how you’re going to do this. There was also some grief about losing an imagined future. Then it settles into a heightened level of stress where you think, ‘How am I going to manage this?’”

In Australia, there are 2,698,700 carers – 12% of the population, and one in 8 Australian employees are carers.

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