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Crytsalising Capital Losses

It’s been a particularly difficult 12 months for investors.

On the superannuation front, we now have two major reports assessing how super accounts fared in the 2022 calendar year. Super­Ratings issued its average balanced return recently and found it was minus 4.8%. Late last year, ChantWest undertook a similar exercise – reporting a figure of minus 4.6%. There have been four negative years since 2000. In 2002, there was an identical return of minus 4.8%, and in the horror 2008 GFC year, the average super fund fell 20%.

Regarding property, CoreLogic’s capital city index declined 8.8% from its May 2022 peak to December, down 7.1% in calendar year terms, being the worst calendar year result in 42 years.

It’s important however to be mindful that these losses are merely paper losses.

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