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How to spend without getting into debt

Is it really possible to live within your means and still enjoy life? The answer is yes, and with just a few important changes, you can start spending less and lose the debt.

From less than zero to savings hero

Debt can be a really big drag on your finances and yet borrowing to buy has never been so easy and accessible. With Buy Now Pay Later, you don’t even need to jump through the hoops it takes to get a loan or credit card. This makes saying no to your spending urges harder than ever.

Having debts and adding to them over time doesn’t just mean missing out on savings. When you’re paying interest on your debt, it’s like having an extra bill to pay. That makes clearing debts a win win because you’ll increase your overall wealth by reducing your debt and you’ll improve your cash flow by paying less interest. If you pay less interest, you have more money to pay down your debt.

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