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What if we told you that you could pay less tax, and take home more?

Make the most out of your money with Salary Packaging.

Make the most of your salary

Salary packaging (also known as 'salary sacrifice') is an approved tax saving scheme that allow you to:

  • Pay everyday expenses with money from your salary before tax is taken out

  • Lease a new car with pre-tax dollars

  • Achieve greater savings by saving tax on every pay

The types of expenses you can salary package may include superannuation, novated leases on cars, work-related laptops, iPads, mortgage and rent payments, utilities, meals and private travel expenses.  You can salary package these expenses depending on your employer and the industry you work in.

Novated Leases


A Novated Lease is a type of loan which generally covers the cost of purchasing a vehicle as well as running costs and receives special taxation treatment.

The lease payments on your motor vehicle may be paid with your pre-tax income to reduce the amount of tax you pay.  These tax savings enable you to pay less for the car than if you purchased it with after tax dollars.

Furthermore, novated lease interest rates can be lower than personal loan rates.  Other benefits may include discounted fuel, servicing and tyres.

Mortgage and Personal Loan Repayments


If you have a mortgage or personal loan, you may be able to salary package the loan repayments.

Electronic Devices

Laptops, tablets and smartphones are essential tools in almost every business environment.  The keep us connected when we are away from the office and allow us to stay in touch.  You may be able to salary package one laptop or portable device per year providing it is used primarily for business purposes.

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